Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gaming Memories: Command and Conquer

It was my first computer game. I had just gotten my first computer, a Win95 standard computer with very boring stats. A collegue of mine at the time told me about C&C (the first one, which ran on DOS). I was really interested; up until then, I've only ever played videogames. I certainly never played a strategy game, much less a real time strategy game.

I loaded and installed the thing. It was DOS and naturally being not-very-good at computers or how to run programs, I couldn't get it work. Disappointed, I returned the game to him. I eventually mucked up that computer so bad that a year later, I had to get a new computer.

My second computer was much better. It was a Creative PC, designed for gaming. By that time, there was C&C and C&C Red Alert (and all their expansions packaged into one large box). I bought it, of course. Finally, I was able to play this game that I couldn't before.

It was such a joy to play, with its easy to use interface. The in-game cinematics were so awesome and the action was like nothing I had seen. The explosions. The tank-rushes. Squishing little infantry with the APC (armored personnel carrier). Detonating a nuclear warhead over your enemy's base camp. And all the little "yes sirs" when you click on the units.

I spent many hours conquering each map. It was just so much fun. I played for 6 hours straight to finish the last two maps. (I wasn't, and I'm still not, a very good strategy gamer, so I was just very slow -- building sandbags and taking the map bit by bit.) It was 4 am in the morning when I was done. I was happy though.

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