Saturday, July 19, 2008

Disgaea DS

First impressions at Gamespot.
Preview at 1Up.

Disgaea is a winning SRPG system, imho, largely due to its random map "item worlds" which have puzzle-like elements. That and that you can customise many characters and classes, and level them up to 9999 if that is your obssession. It takes everything to extremes. The story is also good and funny.

This will be the third time this game is being released. I already own two version of this game (PS2 and PSP), so I don't see myself owning it a third time. The DS version is the same as the PSP version with additional second screen map (which seem rather useless) or whatever else they might put up there (stats, which I think might be useful). Content-wise, there will be additional playable characters and something like additional dialogue.

I wish NIS would take one other of their games and make it a portable or maybe make something entirely new. I would love to see Phantom Brave for the portable systems (either DS or PSP). It's still a good thing nonetheless, now DS players will be able to experience a different style of SRPG, different from Advance Wars and the more serious FFTA.

(Happily also, there will be a Disgaea 3 on the PS3.)

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