Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Woman pays a whopping S$2600 for PSP

This is what happens when you shop for gadgets without doing your research first.

A lady was trying to buy a PSP for daughter. She walked into a store at Lucky Plaza and took to interest a black PSP. The storekeep told her that he had to install some software on it in order for the PSP to be able to run games. (In reality, he had installed a hacked firmware, which is what is used to play homebrews and other "ahem" wares. The bill came to about $3500 which shocked her, then she was told that she had to pay since the stuff had already been installed. She manage to haggle the price down to S$2600.

So, she went home and realised that she had paid far too much. She returned to the store the next day, but the store refused to give in but they finally agreed to cut off $1600 from the bill. So she still paid $1000 for the PSP. In most places, the PSP costs anywhere between S$280-$340, so in essence she is still paying too much.

Original report with all the details can be found here.

Prime example of customer naiveness, if not foolishness imho. As a friend puts it, she could have bought a 360, a PS3 and Wii with S$2600.

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