Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fallout 3

Finished the main quest line at 18 hrs 19mins. Now it's time to start some new characters to play the side quests. I did take up side quests in my first playthrough, but I hadn't work at it to finish them.

My thoughts now that I've really played through the game:


1. I like the way this game dispenses experience points. EXP should be task-based and you should be able to assign points the way you want when you level up. It's so much better than Oblivion or Morrowind's system of autoleveling skills that you use.

2. The environment is really immersive and believable. It's great how objects fit into the environment so well that they don't jump out at you when you walk into a room. Secret entrances are really secret, they are not so obvious and not marked on your screen compass. (Oblivion's wonderful compass in which caves show up before you even see them is a real surprise spoiler, I'm glad they didn't implement that in this game.)

The compass points you in the general direction, the world map suggests a route but not always the best one. I find myself having to make choices on how to get through a landscape. Sometimes you think you might be taking a short cut but you might stumble into a camp of supermutants or a dead end. That just adds to the sense of exploration.

3. No scaling up of creature levels as you level. It doesn't feel like they have levels. But there are different levels of threat for each encounter type. The more remote and the further you explore, the more likely you will encounter the more dangerous types of raiders or mutants, or creatures. That's the way it should be, imho.

Not so great

1. Once or twice, the game does try to force you to do things a certain way by restricting where you can go. It really doesn't make sense that you can't get through a certain door, or lock pick or access a terminal just because your stats aren't high enough. Or because you don't have a key. If I have a gun and the lock looks like it can be shot through, I should be able to do it. But oh well, you don't have key, so you can't get through this rundown shed door. o_0

2. Graphical glitches and weirdness. It's funny when some characters don't walk but glide around like they are wearing roller blades. Textures sometimes vanish when one enters a certain area.

3. Characters and NPCs say lines that are clearly from the other game. "You honor us with your presence." Not a big deal, but I just don't expect Fallout world people to say things like that.

Things to do next:

- Create an evil character to play a slaver or a raider-type scoundrel.
- Thoroughly explore every inch of the Fallout 3 map.
- I've gotta find that dog.

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