Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rune Factory 2 (DS)

Initial impressions:

- Lots of improvement on the controls.

- I like how you can see how much water you've got left in your watercan and in charging up the water can, you can see the effect of the charge up and how many squares you can water. The farming aspect seems easier. But starting items at stores seem more expensive.

- There's now a "quest bulletin board" in the game, where the player can take on requests and do some missions to earn items, gold and friendship points.

- Some of the characters in town are actually interesting and not the generic plastic "nice country town folk" types.

- You start out with a fully furnished house with a shelf and a fridge for storing items.

- Dungeons are no longer restricted to being caves. They are open from the start although certain paths within these adventure areas are only unlocked after some stages of the game.

- Holidays are all on "weekends" and never fall on weekdays anymore, it seems.

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