Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Top Five Games 2008

In no particular order.

1. Fallout 3 (All systems)

I don't think it beats ES: Oblivion, but it's certainly left a deep impression on me. But it's a really good RPG with a lot of content, interesting questlines and a lot of interesting locations to explore within the game.

2. Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (NDS)

Without a doubt, this was the best portable tactics game for me. With such a variety of classes and skills to play around with, beautiful maps and a good challenge (minus the annoying old law system of the previous), this is a tactics game I would keep going back to as long as the NDS exists.

3. Spore (PC)

The unique thing about this game is not that it is trying to teach anyone evolution or science, it is that you can create your own creature and direct what it will look like, how it will behave and its fate. It's fun to watch them grow and change. You can look at this game in many ways -- it is a creature design tool, it can be be a strategy game, it can be a game where you just want to make a most adorable creature, or a most destructive pet. Just don't take it seriously.

And that DRM the publishers insist on putting in, an unfortunate bitter bit in an otherwise good candy basket.

4. Condemned 2 (Xbox 360/PS3)

A really violent beat-em-up. If we have Streets of Rage today, it should be played like this. This horror survival adventure had some memorable moments, for me it was the bear chase and that ride on the barge that can induce sea-sickness in your living room.

5. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (All systems)

There's very few FPS games based on modern day scenarios and this makes this a unique gaming experience. I've said it before here.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

What it is about us

From Kotaku: Singapore Recruiters Not Avoiding WoW Players

A story last week recalled an incident involving job recruiters purposely avoiding World of Warcraft players due to their potential negligence. This is not a problem in Singapore, however, as GMP Group — a recruiting firm — has reportedly not had any clients turn down WoW playing candidates.

Annie Yap, chief executive officer, said that while they're aware gaming addiction can be a problem, Singaporeans are generally "more pragmatic in thinking and attitude" and won't allow gaming to interfere with their work.


1. We do know that if we don't have job, we're not going to able to afford playing WoW or whatever game we like all weekend. If you are kid, you know from constant nagging, from just about everyone, that you can't have a good life here if you don't work towards a future with a good paying job. It pretty much sums things up to say there's nothin' we hate more than not matching up to our peers and/or not having enough money. Speaking in general, of course.

2. I think the Singaporean Employer doesn't know enough about MMORPGs to be panicky about their potential effects. Besides, due to long working hours or long school days (due to reasons and attitudes above), gaming addiction is not such a big problem here, perhaps not yet anyway.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Because I can't believe my eyes...

Is that really Steven Irwin on the cover or just someone who looks like him?

With all due respect, it seems to be a little weird to have a picture of a deceased person for a new game's box.

Also out for the PC.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf

The Witcher for consoles. Coming Fall 2009.

Rune Factory 2 (continuing play)

The game starts off easy with totally unlocked tool features, then you progress on with the pleasantness of getting your character to fall in love, get married, have a kid and then the game progress to have you play as the child of the initial character. This is when all the tools become the awful unupgraded ('rusty' or 'old') states. I have to say, that at least the story makes enough sense to have the player accept this.

In all previous harvest moon games and the previous Rune Factory, the farm tools always start off as lousy, then you have to have them upgraded. (Upgraded tools like the watercan, can water up to nine squares on a full charge, or the upgraded hammer can be used to destroy larger boulders on the crop fields that can't be removed by an un-upgraded one.)

This is an unexpected turn. Not that it makes the game very different the past ones, but it is an interesting change. Miles better than the disasterous Island of Happiness.

Rune Factory 2 initial impression