Friday, December 5, 2008

Rune Factory 2 (continuing play)

The game starts off easy with totally unlocked tool features, then you progress on with the pleasantness of getting your character to fall in love, get married, have a kid and then the game progress to have you play as the child of the initial character. This is when all the tools become the awful unupgraded ('rusty' or 'old') states. I have to say, that at least the story makes enough sense to have the player accept this.

In all previous harvest moon games and the previous Rune Factory, the farm tools always start off as lousy, then you have to have them upgraded. (Upgraded tools like the watercan, can water up to nine squares on a full charge, or the upgraded hammer can be used to destroy larger boulders on the crop fields that can't be removed by an un-upgraded one.)

This is an unexpected turn. Not that it makes the game very different the past ones, but it is an interesting change. Miles better than the disasterous Island of Happiness.

Rune Factory 2 initial impression

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