Saturday, December 27, 2008

What it is about us

From Kotaku: Singapore Recruiters Not Avoiding WoW Players

A story last week recalled an incident involving job recruiters purposely avoiding World of Warcraft players due to their potential negligence. This is not a problem in Singapore, however, as GMP Group — a recruiting firm — has reportedly not had any clients turn down WoW playing candidates.

Annie Yap, chief executive officer, said that while they're aware gaming addiction can be a problem, Singaporeans are generally "more pragmatic in thinking and attitude" and won't allow gaming to interfere with their work.


1. We do know that if we don't have job, we're not going to able to afford playing WoW or whatever game we like all weekend. If you are kid, you know from constant nagging, from just about everyone, that you can't have a good life here if you don't work towards a future with a good paying job. It pretty much sums things up to say there's nothin' we hate more than not matching up to our peers and/or not having enough money. Speaking in general, of course.

2. I think the Singaporean Employer doesn't know enough about MMORPGs to be panicky about their potential effects. Besides, due to long working hours or long school days (due to reasons and attitudes above), gaming addiction is not such a big problem here, perhaps not yet anyway.

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