Monday, December 28, 2009

Note to nobody

I think I'm suffering from a bit of gaming burnout because I just have no mood lately to get into my games. It's happened a few times before, so it's just a fact of gaming life. Could be due to having too much fun with the ipod touch games. Could be due to the festive mood in the air. :)

Borderlands and Dragon Age are sitting on the shelf at the moment. I'll have to wait for this to pass and then I'll finish them.

Freebie December (iPhone / iPod Touch)

December is a month filled with free offers and massive discounts for the apps for iPhone / iPod Touch.

iTunes stores in Europe is currently having 12 Days of Christmas where music, video and apps are taking turns going free for a day. (That's 12 free items during the 12 days.) Although we are not Europe, some of the app developers extend their free offers internationally, so it pays to watch the appstore. ( is good for this.)

Freebies I've gotten this month include --
(note: links open in itunes)

7 Cities (Tower defence game)

33rd Division (Line drawing)

3000bc (action arcade)

(Pictionary type online game)

iBlast Moki

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Labyrinth 2 (iPhone/iPod Touch)

Labyrinth 2, the sequel to the popular game based off those old wooden tilt mazes, has been released and it is awesome. This time, there are new objects on the board -- magnets, bumpers, fans, lazers, etc. There's also two skins - the classical wooden board and the new metal board. The new elements make for a very interesting labyrinth gameplay. The game requires a steady hand and it's very satisfying to maneuver the ball through the hazards and make it to the goal.

Get Labyrinth 2 at the iTunes appstore for 4.99USD.

The game comes with about 200 official board in several level packs, multiplayer and download function for you to seach through some user-made level packs.

The game has an editor which you can access through the internet on your computer. You then have to upload those levels back into your device to play before you can publish them and share them with the world.

I have made two level packs so far. And I have a few more ideas on the way. My creator ID is A5L76TA9.

I highly recommend the levels by the following creators, their ID numbers:

- AEW62U78

Saturday, December 5, 2009

iPhone / iPod Touch Games (November)

This is my favorites list this month.


Totemo is a puzzle game that will have you eliminating light balls by linking two, three or four of them together in a line. The game has a great look, casual and enjoyable play and a rather relaxing way about it. Logic Puzzle fans will enjoy this one.

2. Flickitty

Flickitty is a casual free range platformer where you play a cat that has to finish a certain number of tasks. You sort of stretch him out and flick him around from platform to platform to perform the tasks. You can play this game without missions, Flickitty is a virtual toy of sorts. The cat is very cute. The graphics are colorful, well animated and the controls are good too.

3. Ravensword

Ravensword is a fantasy adventure with some rpg elements. Top notch 3D graphics, quite like Elder Scrolls games makes this game quite a piece of eye candy. It's a full packaged 20 hour game with main quest and side quests, plus a rather huge world to explore. The controls are kinda iffy, in my humble opinion.

4. Pathpix Pro

Pathpix Pro is the harder version of Pathpix. It's a puzzle game where you draw lines to link numbers. It's a logic puzzle game with sudoku type qualities but more interesting and more addictive.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Appvent Calendar (iPhone / iPod Touch games going free for a day each until Christmas)

24 iPhone / iPod Touch games will be taking turns and going free for each day of December until Christmas. Check the Appvent Calendar presented by Blacksmith Games to see which game is free today.

Traffic to site might be a bit overwhelming at times and the website has outages. It seems to have improved since the first few days.

Note: A lot of games are going to be on special sales as Christmas is coming around.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Battle for Wesnoth (iPhone / iPod Touch)

The brilliant turn-based strategy game Battle for Wesnoth is now available at the launch price of USD4.99 from the Apple appstore. (Appstore link here.)

Battle for Wesnoth is a hex based TBS. You control individual units and battle it out on beautifully designed maps. There is no city management. Units gain experience in battles and can be upgraded to more advance type special units.

Battle for Wesnoth is available for free if you want to play on your computer. (Available for PC Windows, Mac and Linux systems.) Check out the official community website for this game.

iPhone / iPod Touch app info and features:
(Following text and screenshots taken from game's appstore page).

Battle for Wesnoth is the official port of a gigantic, complex and detailed full-scale strategy-RPG. We made sure that nothing was cut from the game, everything from flags flapping to skeletons juggling their heads, it's all here!

To find out more about the game or to play the PC/Mac version for free, please visit


* Almost 200 campaign scenarios across 14 major campaigns - literally hundreds of hours of gameplay!!
* Over 200 fully animated unit types in six major factions, all with distinctive abilities, weapons and spells
* Experienced units gain powerful new abilities as they advance
* Bring your battle-hardened troops with you as you fight through campaigns
* Highly detailed and varied terrain graphics
* Cross-platform multiplayer matches against iPhone, PC, mac and linux players!
* Professional music score with 90 minutes of original music
* Cute little zombie dwarves

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DS games for November

Phantasy Star Zero

This is an action rpg. Beautiful game, but somehow you get the feeling that it would look better on the psp. It's mostly button control. Feels like a pretty deep rpg that requires some dedication of time to play. Lots of character types to choose to start out with and easy to grasp controls should make this an accessible and easily addicitve rpg for anyone. I've never played a Phantasy Star game and this seems like a good start.

Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands.

Seems much improved over the touch-only controls of Islands of Happiness. The graphics look a little better than the previous although most of the sprites remain the same. (IMHO, the herbs being heart-shaped is weird.) Harvest Moon has become a farm sim with more in-game community interactions.

I still prefer the art of Rune Factory and the original HM games.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

I only had time for the tutorial and the first mission. This game is intense! (As expected. :) )

Caught some in-game shots. (The last screenshot is the first scene of the first mission.).

Worldwide release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Alright. COD:MW2 will be available locally for all platforms!

Tomorrow: Dragon Age Origins.

Life is good.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Borderlands - Mad Mel

This video demonstrates the flaws of Borderlands which can be exploited and allows for cheap kills. Duels with vehicles can be fun but aiming the cannon was pain in this game, so I don't really feel bad doing this. Because of this, Mad Mel was far easier than the previous two boss encounters.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Borderlands (PS3) gameplay videos

The poor quality of the video (too dark) is probably my fault.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Iphone / Ipod Touch Games (October)

This month's goodies.

Mr. Mahjong Touch -- Mahjong match fun.

Undercroft -- retro-style turn based roleplaying game. Anything by Rake In Grass is good nowadays.

Turn Episode 1: The Lost Artefact -- yes, the developers spelled it that way. So if you are looking for it in the appstore, it is this title. Very cool, but battery draining turn-level puzzle game.

Borderlands (PS3)

Borderlands is a cell shaded FPS RPG set in a post-apocalyptic-like planet. The game is being compared to Fallout 3, but unlike that game, this one's more action and less roleplaying.

The other thing that is said about this game is that it is "Diablo with guns". After playing it for a few hours, I agree. It's the sort of game that is not very deep, completely unrealistic and sometimes totally ridiculous, but you just can't stop playing it. You just can't stop opening every chest and cache because there might be a better gun or shield device out there. And it's really fun to try out the different types of guns, check out the different scopes and firepower.

The map areas are quite big. On some of the maps, you can spawn a vehicle and drive around, and it comes armed with a cannon or a high-powered machine gun. And you can use it to run over your enemies -- it's insta-death.

Creatures and bad guys do respawn but only after a reasonable amount of time has passed. They don't reappear the instant you turn your head (like in Farcry 2). Treasure containers do get refilled.

It is a beautiful game, too bad there's more than a few incidences of graphical glitches -- usually when you're looking at the area map or when a cut scene is playing. And it could really use a few more varieties of enemies per map.

And there's the long loading times when the game is loading up a save or a new area.

Despite the glaring flaws (which is a big pity), the game is fun, packed with tons of good action and is very addictive.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Games for the next month or so

When it rains, it pours...

1. Fallout 3: Game of the Year edition (PS3)

Gonna get this one. I got the core game when it was first release but this edition contains 5 add-ons available earlier this past year or so, so that's gonna be another 100 hours or so of gameplay.

2 Borderlands (PS3)

To be honest, I haven't read up much about the game. But it sounds good. It's supposed to be "Diablo with guns". It has the loot system of our favorite Blizzard hit, so I'm all for that.

3. Dragon Age Origins (PS3)

An RPG from Bioware. Should be an epic. Should be excellent roleplaying fun.

4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

My Favorite FPS. It's the only FPS series that I like and care about. Playing this is like being in a Hollywood blockbuster action flick.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Scribblenauts DS

Scribblenauts is a puzzle game where you solve a level by making items appear. And you do this by typing in the name of the item which makes it appear in the game, which you can then give it to an NPC, or use it to interact with other objects in a level to solve it.

The puzzles are very easy to solve in the beginning but it gets progressively harder as you unlock more worlds. The stages get bigger and the conditions for victory get more complicated. You can also repeat levels, repeating levels are challenging because previous items cannot be reentered and used again. There's quite a good list of achievements to aim for and extra stuff to unlock.

The sheer number of possibilities is what is so amazing about this game. Want to cross a river, you could use a boat, or ride a submarine. Need to turn a dinosaur into food for a caveman, create a lightning storm. (I tried keying in GOD, and true enough a wizen man in white appeared and killed the dinosaur) The game has a pretty big dictionary. The clues can be vague at times and sometimes it can be puzzling why the level isn't solved when you seemed to have fulfilled all the requirements for solving it.

The main frustration is the controls. Sometimes you can't drop an item where you want it, or things just won't move where you want it too. It would be nice to be able to ask an npc to move or to pick up something -- but they are basically not in your control at all and they can kill themselves at times. Still, it's so cool that you can type just about any kind of item to make it appear in the game, you'll just keep at it. It's a great game to talk about with friends, because it's interesting to hear the different solutions they come up with to solve a level.

Conclusion: Innovative, unique and quite addictive because of all the possibilities you can play around with.

Edit: Updated with more comments on gameplay.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box (DS)

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is out and I got it. Packed with a variety of logic puzzles and brain teasers, as ever, this is one for every puzzle lover's ds game library.

Puzzle types include:
- simple mazes
- sliding puzzles
- number puzzles
- logical deduction puzzles
- spot-the-difference puzzles

IMHO, the mini games are more fun now.


After playing this for about 6 hours, I do find that the number of puzzles seem lesser than its predecessor. There appears to be more walking around and cut scenes than the previous one.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

I haven't been much of a Batman fan, but after this game, I think I'll check out the comics and the animated series.

Batman:Arkham Asylum is an action adventure title loaded with some excellent fight sequences, a few puzzles and really beautiful level design. The game almost feels like a free-roamer. Of course it isn't, since you need to move from objective to objective to progress the story and the game. In this aspect, the game feels something like Bioshock. The game's music, sounds and voice acting is top notch stuff and really helps the player to immerse in the dark gloomy atmosphere, though not so dark as Silent Hill dark.

The controls are excellent. The layout is well thought out and intuitive. I didn't have any problems with the camera or views. The fights were a lot of fun and I wished there was more of that. I did find sometimes I was running quite a lot trying to look for ways to get to the objective rather than fighting.

You'll also get to use some Batman's fun gadgetry, such as the Batarang and grapel gun to get to ledges, One unique feature is Batman's "detective mode". In this mode, Batman can see through walls to see how many enemies, their location and whether they are armed, he can also collect and track evidence, and find hidden entrances and discover not-s0-obvious routes.

The boss fights are where the real challenge is, because the generic henchman you encounter as you run through the levels, are not too difficult to dispatch. The boss fights are very interesting and require some strategy to beat.

There's also loads of collectibles like villain and character bios and villain psychiatric interview tapes.

This game has amazing detail, a real piece of art, and it's a lot of fun for action adventure fans.

Note to nobody

I hadn't posted for so long, because I had a problem with blogger for the past few weeks. The posting and editing windows were messed up and nothing could be saved or posted. It looks like they have fixed it for now.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gran Turismo 5 Trailer at E3 2009


Seems like GT 5 will include NASCAR and WRC series tracks and cars. Nice. :)

Car List
Rumored Track List

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel -- short rant by a diablo fan.

It's the closest thing to a new Diablo game until Diablo 3 comes out (next year? One hopes. And on consoles too. Maybe?).

Of course, Sacred 2 can never be as good as Diablo. Graphically, it is beautiful and huge, but it is not dark (not even in the caves or the dreariest of dungeons) and it doesn't have randomized maps. The loots are nice, but somehow not as exciting as the drops in Diablo. Sacred items and equipment does come in many flavors - magic, rares, sets and things like that. I don't know why Diablo, it is just so much more addictive. Blizzard definitely has a unique system in place that no other game could copy.

Nevertheless, Sacred 2 has a whole lot going for it. I played Sacred 1 on the pc a few years back, I will have to say: Sacred 2 is much better than the first one.

The skill tree in Sacred 2 is complex. So there's really lots of ways to built a character. There's 6 basic characters to begin with, and with the combat arts and passive skill trees, I think it makes for near endless character builds. I am playing a shadow warrior with mainly sword mastery and concentrate mainly on being a lord as I like having minions. So, he's more like a necormancer knight of sorts.

There seems to be hundreds of sidequests but they are mostly go-kill or go-fetch missions. There are a few escort quests which are unpleasant because the stupid npc you are trying to escort keeps running ahead to encounter monsters. The merchant I was escorting kept trying impress me and nearly died several times.

Lots of mobs in the wilderness and dungeon areas. I didn't think they are varied enough. I find the in game voices and grunts don't seem to blend well against the action. It sounds like one of those dubbed movies. The sounds and voices are clearly and obviously made or recorded in a studio, not "outside".

I'm playing on the PS3. The controls need a little getting used to. But I will never like pressing R1 and holding it, while using the stick to navigate the menu options to access things like stats, inventory, quest details etc. I think it's the worst design choice in this game. The menu is clearly designed for control by mouse cursor. I guess I can (rather have to) live with it, at least for the main game itself, the controls pretty good.

Overall, just what I needed for my hack-and-slash fix.

Sacred 2 summary at

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A little update and Myst for the iPhone / iPod Touch

I've been mainly gaming on my iPod Touch these days.

It's a pretty exciting new platform for gaming. There's always something new in the appstore. The games are cheap and sometimes free, and they are good quality games for the go. There are lots of special offers and weekend or holiday sales.

My PSP is collecting dust, and I forsee that I'm going to abandon that one permanently. As for the DS, the only thing I've got for it is Pokemon Platinum. (I am waiting for Puzzle Kingdom.)

For the PS3, I'm looking foward to Sacred II, supposedly coming out in mid May but could be delayed (again). I'm playing Demon Souls on the PS at the moment.


Recently, there's the re-release of Myst on the iPhone / iPod Touch which is great because I've never played this game back in the day. And it's a bargain at 5.99 USD.

(Video: Review by

I'm going to take my time with this game. I just started and I'm not sure what to do, but it's ok. I'll just wonder around and explore. It's an old fashion, still screen, point and click adventure and a serious piece of art imho.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Battle for Wesnoth (PC/Mac/Linux)

The Battle for Wesnoth is a free turn based strategy game based in a fantasy world. The style of play is similar to such games as Age of Wonders, Heroes of Might and Magic. It really a wargame because there's virtually no city management. It's all about recruiting units and using them effectively.

The download size about 220MB

Details taken from site:

* Build up a formidable fighting force, starting from a single leader and a small amount of gold.
* Over 200 unit types in six major factions, all with distinctive abilities, weapons and spells.
* Experienced units gain powerful new abilities as they advance.
* Several multi-player options available, including internet play.
* Scores of different custom-designed maps, and unlimited random maps.
* Hundreds of campaign scenarios available for download via a simple in-game procedure.
* 'Fog of war' feature available for a true test of generalship.
* Sophisticated mark-up language lets advanced users make their own maps, factions or campaigns.
* Excellent language support - 35 different languages currently available.
* GNU/Linux, Windows, MacOSX, RISC OS, BeOS, Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFly BSD, AmigaOS4, OS/2 & eComStation compatible.

Underworld (iphone / ipod touch)

Underworld is a Diablo-type game for the iphone / ipod touch. Just the sort of thing I like. Coming soon (i.e. as soon as Apple approves it).

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bank Panic (iPhone /iTouch)

There are all sorts of fun little game apps to find in the iTunes' appstore. It's fun to just browse for things like this.

Don't expect it to be there for long. Once Nintendo finds out, they might demand that it be taken off, just like they did with this company.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pokemon Platinum DS

I really like collecting all the stuff in this game - the little pokemon critters, the skills, the accessories and all the items.

If you can look pass its childish exterior, this is a really deep and large game. It's almost open world - almost because until you beat certain individuals in the games, you can't get pass certain obstacles. Like an open world game, you can play this game however way you like. You can strategies what best moves to have for each of your Pokemon, properly optimize your team or you can just take what appeals to you.

If they replaced the cute monsters with warriors and equipment with of different jobs and strengths, changed the cartoony backdrop to something like a fantasy or sci-fi setting, it would still be the same game and those people who turn their noses up at this game will come flocking.

That's people for you.

Wolfenstein 3D for the iPhone / iPod Touch

Cool retro FPS action.
Currently priced at 4.99 USD.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

RPG Flash Games on the web

King's Island -

A diablo-clone hack and slash RPG. It's diablo right down to the look, menu and gameplay. Really fun. Weapon and armor change is reflected on the character.

The back story involves a king trying to bring his rebellious people under control. You are a convict released upon the peasants and you are going to be the king's hand of punishment. You start off fighting farmers and farm girls, and then there are stronger enemies like soldiers later on. The graphics are good, with cartoonish blood splatter. The sound effects are pretty good too. The biggest nag about this game is the absence of a map or even a waypoint, so you could end up wandering around because you don't know where to go even after you've completed the objective.

Update: I found the maps for King's Island, it's here, on their official website.

Monsters' Den and Monsters' Den: Book of Dread
(Biclops Games)

Monsters' Den is similar to a Dungeons & Dragons dungeon crawling adventure. You take a party of adventurers and explore through a dungeon map. The combat is turn based. There's lots of nice loot to equip your adventurers, as well as skill options that you can pick upon levelling up your characters which add quite a bit of depth to this flash game.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Madworld (Wii)- IGN review

Warning: Bloody gory stuff.

Bad ass.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

More games for my i-Touch

I'm spending a lot of time in the itunes app store now that I have the i-Touch. It's so easy to go app-crazy and want to buy everything.

I got three more games in the past week and also downloaded a bunch of free ones.

Bobby Carrot: a challenging adventure game with puzzle elements.

Rogue Touch
: Rogue for the I-device. Classic dungeon crawler with enhanced graphics and overall presentation.

Parking Lot: sliding puzzles with a carpark theme. Slide the other cars about and move the yellow car to the exit.

Note that playing games on your Iphone or I-Touch will quickly deplete your batteries. The games seemed to be designed to be played at 5-15 minute spurts, ideal for if you are waiting in line or on short bus ride. Most of the games also autosave when you press the home button, so you can return to where you stopped.

Tokyo Beat Down DS

Reminds me of Streets of Rage. Such fun times.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Toy: I-Touch

I have it for about a week now.

I was contemplating whether to get a new PSP3000, then I saw this - the 2nd generation Ipod Touch 32GB, with external speaker function. After salivating over the features on the official website, I bought, along with the silicon protector shown in picture here.

It is expensive, but it's so damn beautiful and cool, and as functional as the PSP, and lighter, and with touchscreen function too!

This I-Device uses the same apps as the Iphone, which means it can play some good quality games available in the app store.

What I have on there currently:

GW Helmet: A Game&Watch game adapted by Mobile1Up. Free

Theseus: A maze puzzle game. I paid for this one.

Frotz: A program that allows you to play text adventure games. Comes with quite a lot of modules to start you off with. Free.

Maze Finger: Another maze game, test of speed puzzle. Free.

Trace: Platformer. Free.

Magnetic Joe: Platform puzzle where you guide a metallic ball character using magnets. Free.

EnzoDot: A meditative puzzle game about joining dots. Free.

iDracula: Arcade shooter. Intro price of 99 cents US.

There are a lot of puzzle titles, but that's what these portables are mostly good for, imho. There are a few graphic intensive titles, most of which are not as sophisticated as DS or even PSP titles, but they do look pretty good and shows that this device has some potential in become quite a good gaming platform. No doubt, the I-device must serve its purpose as a media player, the gaming function makes a great bonus.

I really want to get a few more titles. But I'm waiting a while (hoping) for prices to drop. As it seems, game prices for the i-device is rather volatile. What's 3.99 can be 99 cents the next week.

There's a lot of apps to check out. They are not all good, in fact, you'll find a fair amount of junk. As always, I'd read reviews before I download anything. I wouldn't want to bug up my new toy so soon. ;)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Coming Soon: Gardening Mama DS

Mini games within a theme -- simple and effectively fun.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Elite Guns: Unit 77 (DS)

A squad-based real time tactics game.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Populous DS

- Includes a few different themes in addition to the regular plains, desert, snow and volcano landscapes.

- Ample god-like powers to unleash on the other party.

- Stylus control for raising and lowering landscape. It's a little imprecise at times.

- I felt the game was a bit laggy. The graphics are just awfully retro (not really in a very good way). The DS screen feels a bit too cramp. You are likely to keep your eyes on the lower screen than pay much attention to the top screen.

- The sound department is terribly lacking. (I had Populous on the Sega Genesis and I remember the sound was better than this.)

- Still a rather unique sim god-game. Simple and still fun if you can forgive the presentation. It's a must-have if you are fan like me.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hero of Sparta (iPhone)

I know how I get when I play exciting hack-and-slash action games like this; I'd probably break the screen. :D It's a good design, since you can't insist that the iphone have buttons like the unwieldy Ngage.

On a genre-related note: God of War III trailer (PS3) is out on most gaming websites and channels.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3)

The game is a lot of fun. There's lots of weapons and gadgets to play around with and allows you to customise the game to your own preferred style of play. You could go through the game without killing anyone, or you can go in gun-happy-shooting.

The graphics is just well, everything they say it is -- it's beautiful, alive and emotive. Character models are just amazing.

The controls are quite the standard shooter layout. It's easy to navigate through your equipped weapons and readied items. There's a nice variety of environments and the level maps are good with lots of ways to maneuver and places to hide or duck behind.

As for the story, I didn't play all previous games but it's still enjoyable. Sometimes the story sequences are too long but one gladly endures it for the very fun and immersive gameplay.

This game truly deserves its rave reviews.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Recall: Favorite game music

Kotaku's weekly "Tell Us Dammit" asks the question -- which is your favorite game music?

My favorite game music was from the days of the sega megadrive -- the arcade platform adventure "Gods" had the best beat score. I remember just going to the option screen and doing the sound test over and over so I can listen to it.

I still hum it in my head sometimes.

Here's a video on Youtube by facepunch0 playing this game.

Locoroco 2

Locoroco 2 is more of the same and a few new features. It's still cute, the enemies are still kinda easy. The boss fights are just cakewalk. The challenge of this game ies in navigating the levels (tilting the environment left and right in order to slide little 'roco's and hitting both shoulder buttons to make them hop) and collecting all the goodies you can.

The game is about the same length as the first, but there's certainly more things to collect and a few more minigames to amuse.

Lord of the Rings Conquest

IGN Review:

It looks like a lot of pretty epic action but I suspect it's all quite shallow. I might buy a used copy.

I am waiting for Sacred 2.


The less than stellar reviews from pro and gamer reviews is making me give up on wanting this title at all. Another LOTR game with movie clips within, uh... I'd rather watch the trilogy all over again.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Steal Princess Trailer

This looks like a real fun action puzzler. It comes with 150 levels and a level editor.

Got to say, Atlus always publishes the most interesting looking titles.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Happy New Gaming Year!

Games to look forward to:


Dragonquest V
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Valkyrie Profile: Convenant of the Plume
Puzzle Quest Galactrix


Star Ocean: Second Departure
Prinny: Can I really be the hero?
Mana Khemia Student Alliance


Sarcred 2
Dragon Age Origins
Gran Turismo 5


Dominions 4

Things I might do:

1. Finally hook up my PS3 to the internet
2. Get a psp3000.
3. Get a HDTV.

Might = 20% possibility