Friday, February 13, 2009

Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3)

The game is a lot of fun. There's lots of weapons and gadgets to play around with and allows you to customise the game to your own preferred style of play. You could go through the game without killing anyone, or you can go in gun-happy-shooting.

The graphics is just well, everything they say it is -- it's beautiful, alive and emotive. Character models are just amazing.

The controls are quite the standard shooter layout. It's easy to navigate through your equipped weapons and readied items. There's a nice variety of environments and the level maps are good with lots of ways to maneuver and places to hide or duck behind.

As for the story, I didn't play all previous games but it's still enjoyable. Sometimes the story sequences are too long but one gladly endures it for the very fun and immersive gameplay.

This game truly deserves its rave reviews.

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