Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Toy: I-Touch

I have it for about a week now.

I was contemplating whether to get a new PSP3000, then I saw this - the 2nd generation Ipod Touch 32GB, with external speaker function. After salivating over the features on the official website, I bought, along with the silicon protector shown in picture here.

It is expensive, but it's so damn beautiful and cool, and as functional as the PSP, and lighter, and with touchscreen function too!

This I-Device uses the same apps as the Iphone, which means it can play some good quality games available in the app store.

What I have on there currently:

GW Helmet: A Game&Watch game adapted by Mobile1Up. Free

Theseus: A maze puzzle game. I paid for this one.

Frotz: A program that allows you to play text adventure games. Comes with quite a lot of modules to start you off with. Free.

Maze Finger: Another maze game, test of speed puzzle. Free.

Trace: Platformer. Free.

Magnetic Joe: Platform puzzle where you guide a metallic ball character using magnets. Free.

EnzoDot: A meditative puzzle game about joining dots. Free.

iDracula: Arcade shooter. Intro price of 99 cents US.

There are a lot of puzzle titles, but that's what these portables are mostly good for, imho. There are a few graphic intensive titles, most of which are not as sophisticated as DS or even PSP titles, but they do look pretty good and shows that this device has some potential in become quite a good gaming platform. No doubt, the I-device must serve its purpose as a media player, the gaming function makes a great bonus.

I really want to get a few more titles. But I'm waiting a while (hoping) for prices to drop. As it seems, game prices for the i-device is rather volatile. What's 3.99 can be 99 cents the next week.

There's a lot of apps to check out. They are not all good, in fact, you'll find a fair amount of junk. As always, I'd read reviews before I download anything. I wouldn't want to bug up my new toy so soon. ;)

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