Saturday, February 7, 2009

Recall: Favorite game music

Kotaku's weekly "Tell Us Dammit" asks the question -- which is your favorite game music?

My favorite game music was from the days of the sega megadrive -- the arcade platform adventure "Gods" had the best beat score. I remember just going to the option screen and doing the sound test over and over so I can listen to it.

I still hum it in my head sometimes.

Here's a video on Youtube by facepunch0 playing this game.


MC said...

I think I would have to say Mystic Mysidia from Final Fantasy II

GatheringDust said...

That's a cute tune. :D

IIRC: This game is the one re-released on the DS last year, but I didn't get it because I didn't like the bobby-kiddy head graphics they have. I truly dislike them making the characters so childlike. Urk.

MC said...

Yeah it is the same game (but there were apparently other changes to the plot as well)