Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pokemon Platinum DS

I really like collecting all the stuff in this game - the little pokemon critters, the skills, the accessories and all the items.

If you can look pass its childish exterior, this is a really deep and large game. It's almost open world - almost because until you beat certain individuals in the games, you can't get pass certain obstacles. Like an open world game, you can play this game however way you like. You can strategies what best moves to have for each of your Pokemon, properly optimize your team or you can just take what appeals to you.

If they replaced the cute monsters with warriors and equipment with of different jobs and strengths, changed the cartoony backdrop to something like a fantasy or sci-fi setting, it would still be the same game and those people who turn their noses up at this game will come flocking.

That's people for you.

Wolfenstein 3D for the iPhone / iPod Touch

Cool retro FPS action.
Currently priced at 4.99 USD.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

RPG Flash Games on the web

King's Island -

A diablo-clone hack and slash RPG. It's diablo right down to the look, menu and gameplay. Really fun. Weapon and armor change is reflected on the character.

The back story involves a king trying to bring his rebellious people under control. You are a convict released upon the peasants and you are going to be the king's hand of punishment. You start off fighting farmers and farm girls, and then there are stronger enemies like soldiers later on. The graphics are good, with cartoonish blood splatter. The sound effects are pretty good too. The biggest nag about this game is the absence of a map or even a waypoint, so you could end up wandering around because you don't know where to go even after you've completed the objective.

Update: I found the maps for King's Island, it's here, on their official website.

Monsters' Den and Monsters' Den: Book of Dread
(Biclops Games)

Monsters' Den is similar to a Dungeons & Dragons dungeon crawling adventure. You take a party of adventurers and explore through a dungeon map. The combat is turn based. There's lots of nice loot to equip your adventurers, as well as skill options that you can pick upon levelling up your characters which add quite a bit of depth to this flash game.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Madworld (Wii)- IGN review

Warning: Bloody gory stuff.

Bad ass.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

More games for my i-Touch

I'm spending a lot of time in the itunes app store now that I have the i-Touch. It's so easy to go app-crazy and want to buy everything.

I got three more games in the past week and also downloaded a bunch of free ones.

Bobby Carrot: a challenging adventure game with puzzle elements.

Rogue Touch
: Rogue for the I-device. Classic dungeon crawler with enhanced graphics and overall presentation.

Parking Lot: sliding puzzles with a carpark theme. Slide the other cars about and move the yellow car to the exit.

Note that playing games on your Iphone or I-Touch will quickly deplete your batteries. The games seemed to be designed to be played at 5-15 minute spurts, ideal for if you are waiting in line or on short bus ride. Most of the games also autosave when you press the home button, so you can return to where you stopped.

Tokyo Beat Down DS

Reminds me of Streets of Rage. Such fun times.