Saturday, March 7, 2009

More games for my i-Touch

I'm spending a lot of time in the itunes app store now that I have the i-Touch. It's so easy to go app-crazy and want to buy everything.

I got three more games in the past week and also downloaded a bunch of free ones.

Bobby Carrot: a challenging adventure game with puzzle elements.

Rogue Touch
: Rogue for the I-device. Classic dungeon crawler with enhanced graphics and overall presentation.

Parking Lot: sliding puzzles with a carpark theme. Slide the other cars about and move the yellow car to the exit.

Note that playing games on your Iphone or I-Touch will quickly deplete your batteries. The games seemed to be designed to be played at 5-15 minute spurts, ideal for if you are waiting in line or on short bus ride. Most of the games also autosave when you press the home button, so you can return to where you stopped.

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