Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pokemon Platinum DS

I really like collecting all the stuff in this game - the little pokemon critters, the skills, the accessories and all the items.

If you can look pass its childish exterior, this is a really deep and large game. It's almost open world - almost because until you beat certain individuals in the games, you can't get pass certain obstacles. Like an open world game, you can play this game however way you like. You can strategies what best moves to have for each of your Pokemon, properly optimize your team or you can just take what appeals to you.

If they replaced the cute monsters with warriors and equipment with of different jobs and strengths, changed the cartoony backdrop to something like a fantasy or sci-fi setting, it would still be the same game and those people who turn their noses up at this game will come flocking.

That's people for you.

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