Sunday, March 22, 2009

RPG Flash Games on the web

King's Island -

A diablo-clone hack and slash RPG. It's diablo right down to the look, menu and gameplay. Really fun. Weapon and armor change is reflected on the character.

The back story involves a king trying to bring his rebellious people under control. You are a convict released upon the peasants and you are going to be the king's hand of punishment. You start off fighting farmers and farm girls, and then there are stronger enemies like soldiers later on. The graphics are good, with cartoonish blood splatter. The sound effects are pretty good too. The biggest nag about this game is the absence of a map or even a waypoint, so you could end up wandering around because you don't know where to go even after you've completed the objective.

Update: I found the maps for King's Island, it's here, on their official website.

Monsters' Den and Monsters' Den: Book of Dread
(Biclops Games)

Monsters' Den is similar to a Dungeons & Dragons dungeon crawling adventure. You take a party of adventurers and explore through a dungeon map. The combat is turn based. There's lots of nice loot to equip your adventurers, as well as skill options that you can pick upon levelling up your characters which add quite a bit of depth to this flash game.

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