Friday, May 29, 2009

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel -- short rant by a diablo fan.

It's the closest thing to a new Diablo game until Diablo 3 comes out (next year? One hopes. And on consoles too. Maybe?).

Of course, Sacred 2 can never be as good as Diablo. Graphically, it is beautiful and huge, but it is not dark (not even in the caves or the dreariest of dungeons) and it doesn't have randomized maps. The loots are nice, but somehow not as exciting as the drops in Diablo. Sacred items and equipment does come in many flavors - magic, rares, sets and things like that. I don't know why Diablo, it is just so much more addictive. Blizzard definitely has a unique system in place that no other game could copy.

Nevertheless, Sacred 2 has a whole lot going for it. I played Sacred 1 on the pc a few years back, I will have to say: Sacred 2 is much better than the first one.

The skill tree in Sacred 2 is complex. So there's really lots of ways to built a character. There's 6 basic characters to begin with, and with the combat arts and passive skill trees, I think it makes for near endless character builds. I am playing a shadow warrior with mainly sword mastery and concentrate mainly on being a lord as I like having minions. So, he's more like a necormancer knight of sorts.

There seems to be hundreds of sidequests but they are mostly go-kill or go-fetch missions. There are a few escort quests which are unpleasant because the stupid npc you are trying to escort keeps running ahead to encounter monsters. The merchant I was escorting kept trying impress me and nearly died several times.

Lots of mobs in the wilderness and dungeon areas. I didn't think they are varied enough. I find the in game voices and grunts don't seem to blend well against the action. It sounds like one of those dubbed movies. The sounds and voices are clearly and obviously made or recorded in a studio, not "outside".

I'm playing on the PS3. The controls need a little getting used to. But I will never like pressing R1 and holding it, while using the stick to navigate the menu options to access things like stats, inventory, quest details etc. I think it's the worst design choice in this game. The menu is clearly designed for control by mouse cursor. I guess I can (rather have to) live with it, at least for the main game itself, the controls pretty good.

Overall, just what I needed for my hack-and-slash fix.

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