Friday, September 4, 2009

Batman: Arkham Asylum

I haven't been much of a Batman fan, but after this game, I think I'll check out the comics and the animated series.

Batman:Arkham Asylum is an action adventure title loaded with some excellent fight sequences, a few puzzles and really beautiful level design. The game almost feels like a free-roamer. Of course it isn't, since you need to move from objective to objective to progress the story and the game. In this aspect, the game feels something like Bioshock. The game's music, sounds and voice acting is top notch stuff and really helps the player to immerse in the dark gloomy atmosphere, though not so dark as Silent Hill dark.

The controls are excellent. The layout is well thought out and intuitive. I didn't have any problems with the camera or views. The fights were a lot of fun and I wished there was more of that. I did find sometimes I was running quite a lot trying to look for ways to get to the objective rather than fighting.

You'll also get to use some Batman's fun gadgetry, such as the Batarang and grapel gun to get to ledges, One unique feature is Batman's "detective mode". In this mode, Batman can see through walls to see how many enemies, their location and whether they are armed, he can also collect and track evidence, and find hidden entrances and discover not-s0-obvious routes.

The boss fights are where the real challenge is, because the generic henchman you encounter as you run through the levels, are not too difficult to dispatch. The boss fights are very interesting and require some strategy to beat.

There's also loads of collectibles like villain and character bios and villain psychiatric interview tapes.

This game has amazing detail, a real piece of art, and it's a lot of fun for action adventure fans.

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