Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Battle for Wesnoth (iPhone / iPod Touch)

The brilliant turn-based strategy game Battle for Wesnoth is now available at the launch price of USD4.99 from the Apple appstore. (Appstore link here.)

Battle for Wesnoth is a hex based TBS. You control individual units and battle it out on beautifully designed maps. There is no city management. Units gain experience in battles and can be upgraded to more advance type special units.

Battle for Wesnoth is available for free if you want to play on your computer. (Available for PC Windows, Mac and Linux systems.) Check out the official community website for this game.

iPhone / iPod Touch app info and features:
(Following text and screenshots taken from game's appstore page).

Battle for Wesnoth is the official port of a gigantic, complex and detailed full-scale strategy-RPG. We made sure that nothing was cut from the game, everything from flags flapping to skeletons juggling their heads, it's all here!

To find out more about the game or to play the PC/Mac version for free, please visit wesnoth.org


* Almost 200 campaign scenarios across 14 major campaigns - literally hundreds of hours of gameplay!!
* Over 200 fully animated unit types in six major factions, all with distinctive abilities, weapons and spells
* Experienced units gain powerful new abilities as they advance
* Bring your battle-hardened troops with you as you fight through campaigns
* Highly detailed and varied terrain graphics
* Cross-platform multiplayer matches against iPhone, PC, mac and linux players!
* Professional music score with 90 minutes of original music
* Cute little zombie dwarves

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Josh B. said...

The thing is now we just need an android port. While this is awesome some of us still own neither an iphone or ipod touch.