Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DS games for November

Phantasy Star Zero

This is an action rpg. Beautiful game, but somehow you get the feeling that it would look better on the psp. It's mostly button control. Feels like a pretty deep rpg that requires some dedication of time to play. Lots of character types to choose to start out with and easy to grasp controls should make this an accessible and easily addicitve rpg for anyone. I've never played a Phantasy Star game and this seems like a good start.

Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands.

Seems much improved over the touch-only controls of Islands of Happiness. The graphics look a little better than the previous although most of the sprites remain the same. (IMHO, the herbs being heart-shaped is weird.) Harvest Moon has become a farm sim with more in-game community interactions.

I still prefer the art of Rune Factory and the original HM games.

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