Saturday, December 5, 2009

iPhone / iPod Touch Games (November)

This is my favorites list this month.


Totemo is a puzzle game that will have you eliminating light balls by linking two, three or four of them together in a line. The game has a great look, casual and enjoyable play and a rather relaxing way about it. Logic Puzzle fans will enjoy this one.

2. Flickitty

Flickitty is a casual free range platformer where you play a cat that has to finish a certain number of tasks. You sort of stretch him out and flick him around from platform to platform to perform the tasks. You can play this game without missions, Flickitty is a virtual toy of sorts. The cat is very cute. The graphics are colorful, well animated and the controls are good too.

3. Ravensword

Ravensword is a fantasy adventure with some rpg elements. Top notch 3D graphics, quite like Elder Scrolls games makes this game quite a piece of eye candy. It's a full packaged 20 hour game with main quest and side quests, plus a rather huge world to explore. The controls are kinda iffy, in my humble opinion.

4. Pathpix Pro

Pathpix Pro is the harder version of Pathpix. It's a puzzle game where you draw lines to link numbers. It's a logic puzzle game with sudoku type qualities but more interesting and more addictive.

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