Thursday, December 17, 2009

Labyrinth 2 (iPhone/iPod Touch)

Labyrinth 2, the sequel to the popular game based off those old wooden tilt mazes, has been released and it is awesome. This time, there are new objects on the board -- magnets, bumpers, fans, lazers, etc. There's also two skins - the classical wooden board and the new metal board. The new elements make for a very interesting labyrinth gameplay. The game requires a steady hand and it's very satisfying to maneuver the ball through the hazards and make it to the goal.

Get Labyrinth 2 at the iTunes appstore for 4.99USD.

The game comes with about 200 official board in several level packs, multiplayer and download function for you to seach through some user-made level packs.

The game has an editor which you can access through the internet on your computer. You then have to upload those levels back into your device to play before you can publish them and share them with the world.

I have made two level packs so far. And I have a few more ideas on the way. My creator ID is A5L76TA9.

I highly recommend the levels by the following creators, their ID numbers:

- AEW62U78

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