Thursday, August 19, 2010

(Game-related ramblings of an internet junkie) Note to nobody

Game forums are always so fun at first but they always get over-populated by irritating types, or else, long-time members become frustrated and jaded, and then the whole place falls into negativity, sarcasm and constant argument over silly little things like how someone's preference is wrong or how one should/or should not say things in certain ways.

It's easy to get sucked in.

Just like it's easy to get sucked into conflict in life, in school or at work. You see these social groups forming. You find yourself belonging to one of these or want to belong to one of these. Might be funny to read some silly flame war for a while too. But before you know it, the community IQ falls, hostility is up and it's all not fun anymore.

There are always those who keep their heads. For the moment, I'm not one of these calm, level headed types. So I guess it's time for a break.


MC said...

Don't forget the rules too... you know when a new user breaches some rule which no other forum has and then he/she is made to feel so bad about it by the established userbase that in some cases they just quit.

Ravenblack said...

It's when long-time members start thinking they have the right to flame broil a newbie for a miss-step is when the community starts going downhill. Adding to this, is the community admin that is usually unfair when dealing with newbies, because they tend to be made up of veteran members themselves.

Veteran members often remember a time "when the forum was much nicer and more fun". Of course it was like that when they came in because they were all the same level when they came to the forum when it was _new_. They didn't have people above them and the admin was likely friendlier to them because there were fewer members. They didn't have clueless newbies below them because they were all newbies and trying to be nice to each other and form friendships.

o_0 hum.

Psychology might be able to explain deeply this typical forum behavior, but I have no idea.