Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Seen on FB: Zynga's cross promotion of their games

"Seriously Zynga??? Don't appreciate being forced to kill and rob people in that STUPID game in order to get an animal for a game I do like.... BAD TASTE!!!!" - a Farmville player on Facebook.

I guess the farmers are about to lose their innocence and get real blood on their hands.

Zynga's cross promotion of their games get the better of a friend's usual cool demeanor here. Apparently, she has to play some Mafia Wars in order to get a special animal for her farm on Farmville. Mafia Wars is a pvp (player vs player) game which is very different from the cooperative nature of farmville -- instead of peacefully building a farm, the game is more about killing other players and robbing them of their goods. The player base between the two games are of course, different -- many farmvillers who play Farmville enjoying the peaceful farm maintenance and coop play are not likely to  enjoy the "violent" nature of Mafia Wars. This does show that Zynga doesn't care who plays their games as long as they get numbers in. Farmville is still the most popular facebook game, I suppose the developers thought they could get some of them to play Mafia Wars, it would certainly be a gain for them (Zynga).

Mafia Wars did use to be fun until it became a real chore to play. Much like Farmville, it requires you to constantly recruit and pester your friends. The game is designed in such a way that having 501 friends playing it is good for your character/gang. (501 is the maximum no. of people you can take with you into a "fight".)

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