Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs - thoughts on ill thoughts on the man

I don't know enough about the man, all I know is that he is responsible for managing Apple, and I love my Apple things -- my mac, my ipod, my ipad, etc. I am grateful for his Company and the direction he led this company, that led me to buy these products, that led to thousands of hours of pleasure working and playing on these gadgets, that led to making friends with those with similar likes.

I can't say much about him as a human being. Some people say he's a good man and a great human being, some people say he's a ruthless businessman and a control freak. I don't know because I don't know him, and so I can't judge him on that bit.

What I do find off-putting is people who continue to use memorial threads and websites to attack his character even after he's dead.

To internet critters: If you hate him so much, well -- he's dead. Heaven doesn't require you to bring attention to his flaws which you probably know little of since it's safe to say most of you don't know the man personally. Perhaps it's time to reflect on your own self and to think about whether you can achieve all that you can before your time is up. Will you be able to leave behind a legacy that your friends and love ones will carry in their hearts and that strangers will pick up and adopt, or will people remember you as being loud, full of opinions and nothing much to show for? Or worse, people don't even have anything to remember you for at all.

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