Friday, November 25, 2011

3DS -- 3D rather redundant still

I really should just stick to creative things...

And I just saw something about mobile games not killing console games -- well no, both platforms have their own strengths and weaknesses, I just think they will both exist. Handhelds vs handhelds still remains to be seen.

3DS -- the 3D is feeling more and more like an unnecessary gimmick with 3D games having no interesting features over regular DS games other than being "3D". Sure it looks pretty, but with some games, one has to ask, is it necessary for a game to be 3D, and how does the gameplay design use 3D or not at all. Pity.

The games for the 3DS are still mostly mediocre. Harvest Moon seems to be another disappointment. There are couple of puzzle games, a Pokemon game (I was wishing for new pokemon rpg or even a remake of the Black/White, but so far, I've heard nothing.) Cooking Mama 4 is out. Harry Potter year 5-7 is out (not sure to get the PS3 version or the 3DS).

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