Friday, November 11, 2011

Junk Jack - some miscellanous recipes

 Junk Jack is an excellent game available for the iPhone/iPod Touch made by Pixbit. It is an open world, gather resources, and crafting game, a sort of 2D minecraft-like.

I made this page to share some recipes with friends. It's simply easier to type them into a blog.

Note: Some objects can only be made if you have a work bench, anvil or forge.

Note 2: An excellent Beginner's Faq by Tye-Dye can be found on The Official Junk Jack Forum.


single stone block = reinforced stone (packed stone)
single dirt block = reinforced dirt


[g][ ][g]
[g][ ][g]
(where G=glass shards)

Clay Pot

[ ][ ][ ]
[c][ ][c]
(where c = clay block)

2 iron ingots = 1 iron bar

A single iron ingot = nail (I don't know how many since I haven't had to make them yet; I have plenty of nails from breaking boxes that I find)


[ ][Ic][ ]

Ic = iron chain
T = torch
P = wooden plank
N = nail

Bamboo bridge

[ ][ ][ ]
(B=bamboo, N=nail)

4 pages = 1 book (for decoration it says)

4 gems = 1 gem block

4 sand blocks = 1 sand wall

4 leaf things = 1 leaf block

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