Thursday, December 1, 2011

[PS3] [Elder Scrolls V Skyrim] Game more broken after patch than before.

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim -- A bit crestfallen to learn that there are more glitches after the patch than prior. That'll teach me to update games so eagerly. The only thing I manage to spot from a few minutes after the patch was that the bookshelves were glitchy. Checking the forums, this is a problem reported by a few people and has been compiled in a list. And if one looks around, there are also reports on broken resistances and dragons that fly backwards. (Every platform, not just PS3, is affected by these bugs apparently.)

I'll continue with my game, but if the bugs get too annoying, I guess I'll just delete the entire game and reinstall and play it at 1.0 until a real fix that actually fixes everything comes along before I patch it again. I'll lose my save and hours of a character* if I do that, but at least this is an open world -- I don't have to do things in the same order.

Not happy.

*(15 hours on my second character, not a lot compared to other more dedicated players, but time lost is time lost.) 2 weekends and I only got 15 hours? I have 10 hours on my first character which I stopped playing because I felt that my skill points were all over the place. Still not a lot compared to most fans of the game, what can I say, see blog title.

Dec 2nd, 2011
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