Thursday, March 15, 2012

Inactivate your unused email accounts

I just accessed an old yahoo account and found that someone has used it to make a facebook account for himself. It's some guy posing like a model or something, shirt off, with lots of girls friending him and sending him their pics. Disturbing somewhat, but at least it's not pornographic (not clearly that I could see, I didn't go into albums and look). But it's definitely something sinister, probably running some kind of scam.

I reported the account to facebook as "this is my old account" -- my email account option is not available, so I don't know what they will make of it. And you know what, none of the report options seem valid. I tried to have it inactivated but I'm not sure if that's effective enough. He's using my yahoo account, so I was able to get the password to that made-up facebook profile and inactivate it from within. But whoever that guy is, he could easily activated it again. I inactivated the old yahoo account. So to hell with that.

It's not the first time that yahoo account got hacked in some way. Perhaps once it's been compromised, it should never to be used again. I feel disturbed by it but at the same time, I guess it's kinda like a wake-up call -- the internet is full of rogues.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Windows vs Mac OS; PSP Vita vs 3DS...

People get so worked up arguing over which is better. My opinion: I have no loyalty to gadgets or brands, I just get the one that works the way I want it to and that has apps or games that I want to use. Does it make sense to buy a Vita and find that all the games you want to play are on 3DS but you didn't want to buy that because some poll on some website says the Vita is far more popular?

There is a guy at work who likes to go into talking about technical details of a gadget's screen quality, the quality of chips in the inside and heck knows what else. I really couldn't give a rat's ass. And judging from the "huh?" looks, no one know what he's sprouting about or why either. I buy something and it works, I'm happy. What do I care how many teeth a chip has attached to mothergodknowswhat and what refraction index a screen has? I can play a game and enjoy it very much, what do I care how it works compare to some other singsong-dingdong oversized-phone-palmpc-thing? It's not like I have to build one.

If you are happy with your windows phone, all the power to you. If you are happy with your apple iphone, much joy to you. Android is wonderful for you? That's awesome. Be happy with your choice and that you have one.