Sunday, October 6, 2013

Junk Jack X (iOS) creations: Alba

Went with having wood houses similar to Kelongs. The mining stations are less native, made of grey stone and iron.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Junk Jack X (iOS) Creations: Gardens for Seth

I was thinking something along the lines of The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.


Found my portals to Alba digging like this on Seth:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Junk Jack X (iOS) Creations - Barn

Barn for chickens and pigs.

Meanwhile, on Seth Planet:

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Junk Jack X (iOS) Creations: Botanical Building

Modern glass building and storehouse for seeds.

I've made further changes to the masons building, so I have more room for chests and furniture. JJ's homebase now looks like this:

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Junk Jack X (iOS) Creations -- Masons Headquarters

A tower made of stone with marble pillars. This building is for storage of various building blocks found on other worlds.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Junk Jack X (iOS) creations: Waterfall Garden

Built a waterfall garden. Compact stone and dirt bricks with stone and wood bridges. Bridges allow light through but not blocks, so I was constantly noticing how the daylight got through. I still had to put a number of torches so it's too dark. It's not as big as I hoped but it was a task making platforms and outlines.

It's good I had the Giga Blast Helmet equipped when building this, so I was immune to falling damage (not in pic). The water was easy to work with as it's not very chaotic and easily fixable if misplaced.

I noticed the animals kept spawning and drowning in the water. So it's a good place to go to harvest animal things like meats, furs and wool. Fighting monster spawns on this thing should fun.

Close up: lots of nice hideaways.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Junk Jack X (iOS) Creations: Prison House and Underground Garden

The prison is decorated with objects found in prison biomes while mining underground. The prison is sufficiently dark that monsters will spawn within, making it an appropriately horrible place.

Underground Garden

The Big House

Junk Jack X (iOS)

Junk Jack X is out.

What's new: 4 new alien planets. 2-Player functionality. New Biomes, along with cool new blocks and themed items to find.  There is now water on land and lava in the underground, and acid pools to be found on a new planet. There's some cool new trees and plants to plant. Jack now has a wider range of clothing, weapons and accessories that he can equip.(It's also possible to play as a female "Jack" if you want to. Junk Jill?)

Noticed the tweaks to the drop rates of treasures. There's few changes to the crafting, most significantly the new crafting stations like Masons Bench and Carpentry Bench are now needed for advance craft recipes.

JJX now has two modes of play - Adventure and Stand-Alone. The Adventure Mode is where you will find the portal pieces needed to travel to (or unlock) the new alien landscapes. So, you start off with Terra which is the default familiar earth-like landscape, dig and search for the portal pieces underground, put it together and travel to the next world. Then you'll find portal pieces in the next world for the next and so on. Alternative, you could just pay 1.99 USD to unlock all the planets at once. Like the first Junk Jack, you can also buy special hats to equip Jack; some hats increase drops of certain items such as seeds and animals.

Pixbit has a great forum with tons of good info on the game.

My first house and headquarters.

Stone Tower with passage down to a planned underground garden.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Survivalcraft (iOS, Android, WindowsPhone)

I believe this game came out for Android before it went to iOS devices. Survivalcraft is a Mine-craft like game. Yes, there is a Minecraft Pocket Edition, but this one is the one that feels more alive and complete than the official block builder. (I'm really not comparing it to the PC version of Minecraft.)

Survivalcraft features a near limitless world, day-night cycling with a sky, animals, electrical stuff (light switches, wires, batteries..etc), a creative and a survival mode, and best of all imho, caves.

There's not a lot of stuff to craft in this one. I wish we could make furniture, so houses feel more like living spaces. Still, it runs very well on ipad, somewhat laggy on iphones and ipod touches. The game is continually being updated, or at least more goodies are on the way, says the dev. (Hunger, Sleep, Stamina, boats, and possibly farming is on the way.) Get Survivalcraft on the appstore but you can also get this game on windows phones and android devices.

If you're on Firefox, you may not see all the photos posted. There are four on this page.