Saturday, June 8, 2013

Survivalcraft (iOS, Android, WindowsPhone)

I believe this game came out for Android before it went to iOS devices. Survivalcraft is a Mine-craft like game. Yes, there is a Minecraft Pocket Edition, but this one is the one that feels more alive and complete than the official block builder. (I'm really not comparing it to the PC version of Minecraft.)

Survivalcraft features a near limitless world, day-night cycling with a sky, animals, electrical stuff (light switches, wires, batteries..etc), a creative and a survival mode, and best of all imho, caves.

There's not a lot of stuff to craft in this one. I wish we could make furniture, so houses feel more like living spaces. Still, it runs very well on ipad, somewhat laggy on iphones and ipod touches. The game is continually being updated, or at least more goodies are on the way, says the dev. (Hunger, Sleep, Stamina, boats, and possibly farming is on the way.) Get Survivalcraft on the appstore but you can also get this game on windows phones and android devices.

If you're on Firefox, you may not see all the photos posted. There are four on this page.

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