Friday, September 13, 2013

Junk Jack X (iOS)

Junk Jack X is out.

What's new: 4 new alien planets. 2-Player functionality. New Biomes, along with cool new blocks and themed items to find.  There is now water on land and lava in the underground, and acid pools to be found on a new planet. There's some cool new trees and plants to plant. Jack now has a wider range of clothing, weapons and accessories that he can equip.(It's also possible to play as a female "Jack" if you want to. Junk Jill?)

Noticed the tweaks to the drop rates of treasures. There's few changes to the crafting, most significantly the new crafting stations like Masons Bench and Carpentry Bench are now needed for advance craft recipes.

JJX now has two modes of play - Adventure and Stand-Alone. The Adventure Mode is where you will find the portal pieces needed to travel to (or unlock) the new alien landscapes. So, you start off with Terra which is the default familiar earth-like landscape, dig and search for the portal pieces underground, put it together and travel to the next world. Then you'll find portal pieces in the next world for the next and so on. Alternative, you could just pay 1.99 USD to unlock all the planets at once. Like the first Junk Jack, you can also buy special hats to equip Jack; some hats increase drops of certain items such as seeds and animals.

Pixbit has a great forum with tons of good info on the game.

My first house and headquarters.

Stone Tower with passage down to a planned underground garden.

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