Sunday, April 9, 2017

Starbound: Glitch Castles

I've been playing Starbound on PC. Small achievement: Two castles.

The castles span over chasms and there's still lots of space to fill in to make it look better. I think they both need more beams and rooms so things look more supported. There's a lot of other issues too but I guess I'm still learning (and I am a slow learner). I probably need to be more consistent with patterns and the game's blocks allow for more details to put in, so I should really try to put in more effort to creating something less boring and plain.

I'm really enjoying this game. There's so much to explore -- so many planets to visit, so many biomes to explore and there are settlements and npcs, and you can build your own colony. The building and the crafting are easy to do. The quest story can be challenging but gather better weapons and build some 'armor' and I had no problems. It took a while to get use to the survival mode where you had to have food but that was no problem once I got some crops of potatoes and rice going. I did have to download a mod to get the zoom level that I want for taking these screenshots.

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